Fortune Cookie Art - The Energetic Horse

Fortune Cookie Art - The Energetic Horse

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People born in 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, and 2002 were born in the Year of the Horse.  Being energetic is one of the key characteristics of a horse. In addition to being hard working, the horse is very independent and likes to be his or her own person. On the negative side horses can be very stubborn in the pursuit of their goals.  Horses also tend to be friendly and to attract others due to their friendly personality.  

Through a series of Chinese characters, this book provides clues to everyone’s personality.  The fact that people differ from each other is obvious.  People have different beliefs and interact with people differently.  We all have unique personalities and that is something that adds to the diversity of relationships.  When people get together, however, they may or may not always get along.  How others react to your personality can be harmonious or can cause conflict.  This book can help you navigate through the different personalities you encounter.  The clues provided by the characters in this book have been refined over many years because they are based on the 2,000 year old Chinese zodiac. 

About the Author - Winslow Bud Johnson has traveled extensively throughout China for the past 30 years and has conducted extensive research regarding the Chinese culture.  In addition to lecturing on the Chinese lifestyle and the Chinese zodiac he regularly teaches classes in Tai Chi in Florida and conducts frequent Tai Chi excursions in China.  He is the author of the books Chinese Zodiac Art, Should You Consider Dating A Rat and Business Success Today, which highlights the comparison between successful Chinese versus US and European businesses.  In addition to English he speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.  

About the Artist - Tiffany Chang was born in Shanghai, China and raised in Taipei, Taiwan where she started her training as an artist at the age of 10.  She now lives in Naples, Florida. She initially trained in Chinese calligraphy and brush painting.  In her early 20’s she transitioned to western art while she studied oil painting.  Tiffany Chang’s art includes a variety of different bodies of work including several series on the Chinese zodiac. From images of humanized animals to cartoons her large oil paintings help to explain the Chinese zodiac.  

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Perfect Paperback Art Book: 82 pages
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