Lecture Schedule

Lecture Series on Fortune Cookie Art

Talks will be given about the book Fortune Cookie Art at select dealers beginning in the Fall of 2019.  During these talks you will be given clues about your personality as well as that of everyone you know.  The lecture series will be given at the following locations.



The talk is given by author Winslow Bud Johnson who has traveled extensively throughout China for the past 30 years and has conducted extensive research regarding the Chinese culture.  He is the author of the book Business Success Today, which compares Chinese versus Western business practices.  He is also the owner of a consulting firm specializing in research for Fortune 500 companies on opportunities in China.  Johnson speaks Madarin Chinese and is the author of WinslowBudJohnson.com, a blog on Chinese culture.  In this interesting talk you will learn: 

  • What it means when a Chinese person asks your zodiac sign
  • How certain Chinese zodiac animals get along better than others.
  • Business relationships formed or not formed based on the Chinese zodiac
  • How the Chinese zodiac can end up impacting everyone around the world.