A Characteristic of the Chinese Zodiac Rat is Wisdom

The above oil painting “Rat Going to Market” is part of a series of oil paintings featuring the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac by award-winning Chinese American artist Tiffany Chang. Each of her paintings display humanized animals that illustrate the unique characteristics of each of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.  Her “Rat Going to Market” painting, for example, illustrates a humanized rat carrying fruit to market.  One of the attributes associated with the Chinese zodiac rat is wisdom and you can see this on the face of this rat. 

2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey and may have a profound effect on those born in the Year of the Rat. First, the Fire Monkey sign is on very good terms with those born in the Year of the Rat and should bring them exciting powerful opportunities this year.  In 2016 Rat people should enjoy good health.  2016 should also bring better quality energy to the relationships of Rat people, including romantic relationships.  2016 promises exciting and ever unfolding career opportunities, promises of travel and better quality relationships for the Rat Chinese zodiac sign people.  High energy, less hesitation and more planning are the keywords in 2016 for the Rat sign.  See: http://fengshui.about.com/od/fengshuigoodluckcures/ss/Feng-Shui-Tips-Chinese-Zodiac-Sign-Rat.htm#step2